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Big Bright Bounces was established in 2003 through extensive research in the
Inflatable Ride Entertainment Rental Industry,
In 2003 we dug deep and worked hours on end, putting together a plan for
good quality equipment at affordable prices.

                                            History & Journey 

This “big question” we get asked is "how did you get started renting bounce houses? Well, prior to starting
Big Bright Bounces I was a store manager in the Harrisburg & Mechanicsburg Area,
and a district recruiter/ staffing upwards to 13 stores for a period of 10 years.
I managed a team of employees with sales over 2.5 million dollar a year.

After I resigned from my full time job my husband and I hit the ground running, spending countless hours doing research on how to operate an inflatable entertainment business. 
Our goal from the start was to offer the best quality equipment at affordable prices with “top notch” customer service while keeping safety in mind.  

Family & Staff 

In 2003, during our research and the startup of BBB, we had a large family with four children going in all different directions with school, activities, friends, sports, etc. In 2007 and 2009 our family grew again with 2 more children bringing the total to 6 children.
It was challenging at times, but with my attention to details and willingness to be able to be pulled in a million directions was also admirable by many. 
I was driven to be “the best” in this industry and still offered an outstanding service with quality equipment & hourly rentals.

My husband and I along with our team have spent countless hours, long weekends and late nights operating the business. At times we have worked around the clock night & day to make sure all our events were and are still today successful.
 “Kudos” to our team for all their hard work, hot days and heavy workload.
The team working together is commendable and will always be appreciated



As the company grew so did the inflatable inventory and the workload. Over the years we have hired and trained excellent workers to help with the deliveries & staffing of the inflatable rides.
When we started we only had 5 inflatable rides in 2003, fast forward 15 years and the company has grown to over 40+ workers with over 100 different inflatables rides in inventory.
We offer what others don’t! From small bounce house to the biggest, bulkiest & heaviest
“Extreme” Inflatable Rides & Mechanical Bull in
Central PA.


What Drives Us?

Our attention to details, equipment and customer service is impeccable and incomparable. We are highly creditable and recommended by many of our customers. (See our testimonials)
 We have delivered and set up, along with staffed thousands of successful events for the past 15 years, while still being parents to our own children.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

We built our name & brand from the inside out and have worked “very” hard over the past 15 years. We have experienced other local bounce house competitors trying to compete with our level of service and quality of equipment. We can attest many of them are copycats looking to get ahead, while benefiting from “our” hard work. “Don’t be fooled”
As the old saying goes “monkey see, monkey do”.  
We have seen local companies mimic our exact verbiage right from our website, buy the same equipment and use the same colors scheme in a print ads to make their company look like ours, we have been subjected to others posting the same “new thread” or “contest” on social media. While this is flattering, but daunting at the same time, that being said we want them to thrive and be creative with their own ideas. We believe it’s a big universe and there’s room for everyone to grown and be successful.  


This is our full-time job, we can assure you that from the time you call, up until the day of your special event are pens are moving. Our job doesn’t end when the reservation has been booked.
We are crossing our “T's” and dotting our “I's” going over every detail. We work in the office, warehouse and field daily to make certain all areas are covered before we arrive at your event.

We have and will continue to work hard each day to provide you the very best experience with our company.


Our Closing Remarks 

We hope you continue to support us as we continue to offer you
the latest & greatest inflatable rides for rental. 
We look forward to providing you with first class service.  
As parents of 6 children, I can positively with confidence assure you that your bounce rental and safety is my number one "top" priority.


Rovena Bridi-Benjamin​ 

Many thanks to our hard working staff & awesome customers